Pulse to Tone converter for VoIP lines

How Dialgizmo works

Dialgizmo pulse to tone dial converter

DialGizmo connects between your rotary pulse dial phone and your modern phone line or VoIP box and converts the pulse dialing signals into their equivalent DTMF tones, allowing most old rotary phones to make calls on modern lines and VoIP equipment.

Connecting Dialgizmo to your phone and line

How to connect Dialgizmo to your phone line
Just plug Dialgizmo into your phone line (or VoIP Box), where the phone normally connects, and then connect your rotary telephone into the socket on the Dialgizmo. The Dialgizmo uses a modern 2 wire RJ11 connector, so you may need an adapter if your old phone does not have this type of connector.

Dialing normal numbers

How to dial a normal number
To dial a normal number (0 to 9) just turn the dial as normal then release. Dialgizmo will count the dial pulses and as soon as the dial returns to the resting position you will hear Dialgizmo produce the appropriate DTMF tone on the line. You can now dial the next digit of the number. You can also dial a number while in the middle of a call. This can be used to navigate the voice menus of some phone systems such as "press 1 for sales...".

Dialing Star and Hash (* and #)

How to dial * How to dial #
To dial Star and Hash, you will need to use a trick. Obviously there is no actual Star or Hash on the rotary dial, so we use a trick called dial-hold. To dial a star, just dial the number 2, and when your finger reaches the finger stop, hold it there for 2 seconds, then release. This 2 second "hold" signals Dialgizmo that you want to dial a star instead of a 2. The same dial-hold method is used to dial a hash. So for Hash, just dial 1 and then hold for 2 seconds at the finger stop before releasing.

Last number redial

How to dial LNR
Whenever you pick up the phone and dial a number, it is saved into the last number redial (LNR) position, and can be accessed again later. The LNR stores the first 16 digits dialed of any call. To redial the last number you dialled, dial a 9, and when your finger reaches the finger stop, hold it there for 2 seconds, then release. Dialgizmo will now replay the last phone number dialled.

Storing a speed-dial number

How to store a new speeddial
Step 1: To store a speed-dial number, Pick up the phone then dial 0 and hold for 2 seconds, then release. You will hear 3 quick beeps on the line to indicate that Dialgizmo is ready to store a new speed-dial number.

Select a speeddial location
Step 2: Next dial the number corresponding to the location in which you wish to store the speed-dial number, then release. Valid locations are 3, 4, 5, 6 ,7 and 8. You will hear 2 quick beeps on the line to set you know that DialGizmo has acepted the locaion and is ready to store the new number.

enter new speeddial number
Step 3: Now just dial the number to be stored as normal. After each digit, you will hear a quick beep to let you know the digit has been saved. Each speeddial location can hold one phone number up to 16 digits long. When you have finished dialing the number to be stored, just hang up the phone. This completes the storing of the speed-dial number.

Speeddial numbers are saved inside the Dialgizmo memory and are preserved even when Dialgizmo is disconnected from the line and phone. To delete a speed-dial number, just follow steps 1 and 2 above, then hang up the phone. The selected speed-dial location is now cleared. There is no need to clear a speed-dial location before saving a new number in that location.

To dial a pre-stored speed-dial number

How to dial a speed-dial nmber
To store a speed-dial number, dial a speed dial location (3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8) hold for 2 seconds and release. Dialgizmo will now begin dialing the number stored in that location.